Secondary Steel Structures

“no project is too small for us”

We dedicate our experience in range of steel structure fabrication in the field of:

  • industrial construction
  • wte power plants
  • biomass power plants
  • paper mills
  • production facilities

Steel Structure fabricated by Radomet can be supplied:

  • Painted
  • Hod-Dip-Galvanized

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Gratings and Steps

“we can take over static calculations and issuing of grating’s installation plans”

We offer Gratings acc. to DIN 24537 and Steps acc. DIN 24531 (hot-dip-galvanized) in the following types:

  • Welded – KOZ
  • Pressed -KOP
  • anti-skid (non-slippery) – XKOZ
  • Spanish type

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Stainless Steel

“an increasingly popular construction material

In our offer you can find following stainless steel procucts:

  • profiles
  • smooth and checker plates
  • handrails
  • chutes
  • others

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Erection and Maintenance Services

“highly trained and experienced site crew to provide most efficient way of erection”

We offers project execution in Western Europe, UK and Scandinavia, in the following sectors:

  • energy
  • waste treatment
  • chemistry
  • petro chemistry
  • We are aware of and work in line with the safety and environmental rules. Our employees possess any necessary safety passports like e.g.:
  • Hot Works, PASMA
  • SSG,

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Process Piping

“maximum accuracy during pipe installation”

Experienced pipe fitters, and certified welders perform all facets of piping replacement and installation. Pipe fitting screwed and welded all materials all applications:

  • Carbon steel – high pressure fittings screwed and welded
  • Stainless steel – welded, pressed and screwed (mapress)
  • Plastic – i.e. Masterflex

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Personnel Outsourcing

“the best way to react at changing reality without long recruitment action from you”

Using our highly developed data base we are able to present canditates with years of experience and all necassary certificates who suits requirement of Clients.

Regardless of whether our Client would like to hire erection team or only superevising services we’ll find for you thr right person with highest level of qualifications.

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